bearville is dead

19 Jul

you all killed it. goodbye.


22 Jul

Ask me anything. COME AT ME BRO


30 Apr

Attention: The Music Jam Party is going to be postponed until 5:00pm  Eastern Standard Time.    If you show up at 2:00, NOBODY will be there:P    Thank you for your cooperation. 

Arbor Dayyy:D

29 Apr

In honor of Arbor day, Bearville is giving out free apple seeds at Friendship Forest Park!

Apples!!!! *bites into one* Mmm… Gross a seed! Haha, anyways.

Also, check out the new Bearville times

And also, Cinco de Mayo is coming up soon.(5th of May for those of you who don’t understand it :P) But its the EXACT same things as last year, and I have all of them… -___-

Cody Simpson:3

27 Apr

Cody Simpson is on the ChloeShow!:P


25 Apr

Go to town square to see the rainbow bear!

And then make sure to visit the craft shop to play the brand new game, Colorful Canvas!

And yes. Another game I am bad at. Smh -___-

Hoppy Easter! :3

24 Apr

As for me, I call Easter “Bunday”. A day when I treat my rabbits (well one rabbit) like royalty XD I spoil her with gifts and keep her all day 🙂

Another Short Post: Visit Bearemy in Towns Square and you’ll get this fun Easter Hat! :3

(Click on image to enlarge)

Hope you have a great Sunday!

Happy Birthday Pawlette!

22 Apr

Short Post y’all.  Visit Pawlette in the Furbulous Fashion District and get a piece of Chocolate Cake! Nom nom nom! XD

Why do we have watermarks? Because we don't want are content taken off the site and used as someone elses. I only own the edits. I don't own bearville. The design of our watermarks are being worked on at the moment and it will look much more clearer to view pictures. Thank you for understanding.

Make sure to check out Event Calendar! Here:

An invitation card for you will come in 2 hours! 🙂

Too many watermarks. But a new Bearville times coming your way!

22 Apr

Smh. I had to drown the image in watermarks so nobody can steal the photo. Even a corner of it. OR try to edit it out.

But anyways, Check it out! 😀

Ehh.. I’m working on a new siggy:P

~Summer:D Aka The paranoid, sick and tired of people stealing her stuff girl. 🙂

Love Disney Villains?

21 Apr

Probably not… but you’ll definitely love them when Build a Bear Workshop sells Disney Villain Costumes for your Furry Friend! Ursula from the “Little Mermaid” and Captain Hook from “Peter Pan” are being sold now! Coming soon is Cruella Deville from “101 Dalmatians” on the 27th of May and Maleficent from “Sleeping Beauty” on the 5th of August.

They are only sold in these select stores:
California– DOWNTOWN DISNEY District
Florida- The Florida Mall and Altamonte Mall
New York- 5th Avenue at 46th

I do not own the picture. It is from Build a Bear's Newsletter.

Check out the Main Site for Games and Quizzes! 🙂