February; the month of Love <3

1 Feb

Build a Bear shows a special way on how to celebrate this month, including the upcoming holiday; VALENTINE’S DAY! Oh you don’t know how much I obsess over mushy romance XD To some it might be weird, for others you might agree. Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday :3

Here is the United States and Canadian February 2011 Calendar of Events in Build a Bear Workshop!

  • All through out today until Valentine’s Day, they give away free sweethearts candy! Nom nom nom XD
  • Smallfrys are back with a 2nd collectors edition! It looks to me like they are selling a Pawfect Huggable Bunny, a Fru Fru Poodle, a Peace & Friendship Bear, a Summer Hugs Bear, a Camo Bear, (what looks to me like a Labradoodle?), and a Pawsome Panda all bite sized! Nom nom nom! Again! X3
  • From the 11th to the 24th, Radio Disneys: Celebrity Take with Jake is back again! You get to see him visit the Chloe Show again!
  • Lastly on the 15th, preparing for Saint Patricks Day, the new Beary Limited Edition: 4- Leaf Clover Teddy will be in stores for $16.00 (US Dollars).

I know I pointed out the obvious for you >w<

Click on the Country Link to see what’s going on in BABW where you live (only works with Adobe Reader): United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland

You also might get this message in the Bear Mail too XD I just like pointing out the obvious again because I have nothing else to post about :3


Don’t forget about the new Love Bug and Love Bear!


Peace Out! Also PRETTY PLEASE, sign up on our forums! I AM BEGGING YOU! Thanks! 😀

We are Offically Opening: Sunday, February 13th, 2011. Check back for plenty of new updates!


4 Responses to “February; the month of Love <3”

  1. ✩»»тσχιcஐℓσνє««✩ February 2, 2011 at 10:09 pm #

    ikr!! if my bff’s bf hugs her i squeal but when its meh and Tyler they fake gag. 🙄

  2. JulianeBubbles :3 (melancholickitty) February 5, 2011 at 11:54 pm #

    Lol XD

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