Bubbulous Secret Police Force?!?

5 Feb

Yes indeed! Spy Missions will soon be coming back and they are more intense and better than ever! Here is what will be in store for our secret agents:

  • Everyone will be split up in 6 teams. Those teams will be called: Luminous Clan (Light), Sonority Clan (Sound), Psyche Clan (Psychic),  Esmovoir Clan (Emotions), Elementium (Elements), and Teleportius (Teleportation)
  • 4 people will be in each team and every single person will get a different power.
  • Everyone will get their own unique weapons.
  • Everyone will have their own superhero profiles and even badges!
  • A spy mission will be up every 1-2 month[s]

There is also 2 new Super Villains! They are twin alien siblings from an unknown planet and they traveled to Build a Bearville to steal it’s main energy source!

For more information about them, check out the Spy Head Quarters Page on our Main Website.

Click Here!

The page will fully be finished tomorrow at 2:20 PM! Please sign up on our forums if you like to join our spy missions when they are up. Peace out everyone!

P.S. Our Villains do not accept friend invites, they are pure EVIL! XD


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