The Glitch Ghost?

23 Feb

Yes, another criminal roaming around the streets and causing trouble is Macayla2Hip127! We finally found her real identity! You might know she was working as one of BladeSierra’s sidekicks from the start and she has been doing a pretty good job hiding away from everyone and making damage at the same time. She was featured in this article:

With her comeback, she was the one who made Bear Boulevard shut down with errors and glitches. Her magic of illusion is incredibly amazing.  She is named as the “Glitch Ghost”. She refuses to show her face though. That reason; we do not know why. She has multiplied dog trainers, turned the water fountain into a fountain of Kool Aid, and made dogs stay on top of that fountain unbalanced and ready to fall.

She has secretly glitched me as well in this video:

Again, she glitched me having a doppelganger.

Macayla2Hip127: A criminal that could get away with anything. She will soon be put into our Criminal Records but it will be difficult to catch her.

Though our first mission of the year will be catching Seren and Zakiya Gemini this March! Get ready Bubbly Agents!



7 Responses to “The Glitch Ghost?”

  1. KristyBubbles257 February 26, 2011 at 4:56 pm #

    Oooo….this character is SUSPICIOUS!Can’t wait!The adreneline is killing me!w00t!-faints-

  2. omg I just LOVE your imagination Jul!!!

  3. no really! I mean you don’t find many good BABV blogs that will literally put aside there amazing life just to entertain a bunch of dorkies! (same to you Summer!)

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