Easter Island!

1 Apr

My Opinion to the Creators of Bearville: I am too disappointed. It’ s the same things year by year. Don’t you have any other ideas? Really? I’m thankful you made such a great website but everything is so old from the prizes, the store items, and events. Please brainstorm some ideas and take some of the citizens suggestions to mind.

What seems to be new is actually kinda old in Easter Island. Go to Town Square and click on the Easter head. It will transport you to Easter Island.

You’ll get a cute Moai Chocolate Statue! :3

Talk to one of the Pink Beret Bunnies and she will ask you to help out Daisy Bunny in collecting eggs. This is the same game as before from Christmas where the Reindeer had to hop on presents to get to the top.

Click on the grey Easter Head and you’ll play a game of Chocolate Factory Fun. It’s the same as one of the Art Shop Shifts at the mall.

That is all. Happy April Fool’s everybear! 🙂


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